Blow-Me-Down Mountain
Frenchman's Head
It is common to see the Minke whales during our tour , as they frequent the area in the summer months, chasing herring and squid.

Eagles, Osprey, Loons, Cormorants are frequent sights during our tours. Sightings of the wildlife in their natural habitat are breathtaking.
Woods Island Harbour
The scenic attractions in the Bay of Islands are almost endless. Seaside cliffs and headwalls that drop straight into the sea, ancient tabletop mountains,  fiord-like scenery, whales, birds, fish, history, culture, and of course.. islands of every shape and size.
Rising above the surrounding waters are the Blow-Me-Down Mountains. These mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountains which run south to the State of Georgia, USA.
Bay of Islands Sunset
View Wood's Island, the largest in the Bay, where settlement dated back to the early 1800's until the Newfoundland Governement's resettlement project in the early 1960's.  The North Shore of the Bay is known as Admiral Pallister's Trail. Captain Pallister came with five warships in 1764 to patrol the fish rights, persuant to oligations under the Treaty of Paris.
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